You’re probably washing your face too much

Vishul Gudka

You’re probably washing your face too much

It’s probably the biggest skincare myth out there…


….And it comes directly from your mum and dad!

 I mean, is there anyone who didn’t hear the following sentence from their parents when they were kids:

“You need to wash your face twice a day.”

I doubt it... 


…and if you have kids, perhaps you’ve repeated that same line to them as well.


But today I’m going to shock you.


Many people damage their skin by washing it too frequently and too aggressively – and could do with washing their faces a little less, not a little more!


You see, when you overwash your skin, you strip it of some of its most vital, natural oils.


You also remove the protective outer layer which is there to stop irritants and bacteria from entering your skin.


If you’re not careful, you will really dry out your skin (especially if it was already dry to begin with).


And – counterintuitively - if you had oily skin, it will get even oilier. Weird, right…?


That’s because your skin will start producing more oil when you wash it off.


We frequently get patients coming into the clinic convinced that there is something terribly wrong with their skin.


It’s irritated, red, flaky. It feels tight. And if we apply a product, they might complain it really stings.

They’re worried they suffer from a dermatological condition, or that they might need a lengthy course of treatment to fix all their issues.


In many cases they’re shocked to hear there’s nothing terribly wrong with their skin.


They’ve simply removed all the natural moisture and disturbed the barrier function with their skincare routine!


Luckily, that’s easy to fix.


I recommend washing your face thoroughly just once a day, in the evening, unless your skin can definitely tolerate more.


Remove all the dirt and makeup with a gentle cleanser.


Look for products labelled as Paraben- and SLS-free, because those common ingredients will irritate your face and disturb the vital barrier function.


Apply a top-quality moisturizer or serum with active ingredients to improve your skin quality. If you’re not sure which products are actually going to make a difference, ask us!


In the morning, simply splash your skin with a little water and apply SPF.


You might not need to do any more, unless your skin is very clogged up or you’ve applied Vitamin A the previous evening. That definitely needs to be removed because it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.


But again – make sure you use the most gentle of cleansers for the job!


These are very little changes.


But if you’ve been regularly overwashing your face, this simple shift in routine can help take your skin from dry, red and irritated….


….To healthy and soft, within a few short weeks.


And always remember…..


When it comes to washing your face, there is too much of a good thing…


No matter what your parents told you!


Miriam Shaviv